The Guidance of the International Students Living at THNU

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Welcome to study at Tonghua Normal University!
Entry to our university
1. Time for Registration: Please check the admission notice
2. Registration

the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation
Present original copy of Admission Notice, JW202 or 201 and Physical Examination Record.
Present Passport with visa
8 passport sized photos
Present registration fee and tuition fee
Present your Temporary Residence Registration Form within 24 hours.
Do physical examination or confirm Physical Examination Record
Apply residence permit
Purchase international students’ insurance
Getting Student Card of THNU

If you arrive at Tonghua Normal University before the registration date, please come to the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, present relative materials and handle relative legal affairs.
Living at THNU
1. Library
You can read and borrow books with student card.
2. Cafeterias and canteens
There are several cafeterias and canteens on our campus. You can have meals at any of the cafeterias and canteens with your student card.
The meal time: 6:00 to 8:00 (breakfast), 11:30 to 12:30 (lunch), 17:30 to 18:30 (dinner).
In addition, there are many restaurants on our campus or around.
3. Clinic
Your medical treatment is the same as Chinese students’ who are at their own expense. You can go to the clinic in case you are ill with your Student Card at any time and go to see the doctors followed by your personal health insurance.
4. Bank
There are ATMs of Bank of China, Constructive Bank of China, ect. in every teaching building hall.
5. Internet
We provide convenient internet service, the expenses are the same as Chinese students.
6. Shopping
There is several grocery stores and supermarkets on campus and families residence area.
7. Post Office
There is a post office on campus and you can deal in civil or international post and fax affairs. The International Office can receive your letters, please check it in time. Your own mailing address is:
Your name
the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation,
Tonghua Normal University
No.950 Yucai Road, Dongchang District,
Tonghua, Jilin 134002
P.R. China
8. Traffic Routes
There is a bus routes on campus.
Bus 29: Tonghua Normal University → Erlingliu Hospital
9. Security
Please take goods care of your own passport, certificate and money to avoid being stolen. Please put extra cash in the bank. Don’t put your valuable belongings in public places like classrooms, libraries. You should exchange money from the banks, don’t exchange at shops or with someone.
Please obey the traffic rules. Do remember that if you want to drive a car, a motorcycle or electric motorcycle in China, you must get the driving license and legal car number from related department (Vehicle Management Office). Take care when travelling by car or bicycle; do not pick up someone when cycling.
Please report to the policemen and the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation in time in case of any emergency to ask for help.
Police Tel:110
the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation Tel: 0435-3208117